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  • Any 3-year University degree or higher
  • Tefl/ Tesol or Celta certificate (not needed for B.Ed. degree)
  • No teaching experience required
  • Be between 20 to 55 years of age
  • Valid passport with no criminal record
  • Passport holders from UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa are considered


  • Salaries start at 7500 RMB (after tax) up to 22 000 RMB for specialised roles
  • Free furnished apartment and amenities or housing allowance
  • Meal allowance or meals at school in some instances
  • Flight bonus after completing contract
  • Partially paid school holidays
  • Medical and Accident insurance
  • Options of only 20 hours of class per week
  • Opportunity to save money due to low cost of living
  • 1 or 2-year renewable contracts
  • Students are disciplined with a good theoretical knowledge of English


  • School arranges work permit on your behalf in China
  • Guidance on Z-visa application process
  • Airport pick-up and hotel lodging for the 1st night
  • Chinese Assistant Teacher to help with school matters
  • Assistance with Sim card and opening of a bank account in China

Schools and locations

Various options and student age groups are available to fit your profile. These include public or private primary/ senior middle/ senior high schools. There are also International schools, English training schools, Kindergartens and in some cases, Universities to choose from.  School terms start February/March and August/September, but there are usually some options available throughout the year.

China is a massive country. Feel free to mention if you would prefer a first-tier city like Beijing or Shanghai (although these might be more expensive) or a smaller city or town that is not as metropolitan.