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  • Any 3-year University degree or higher
  • Tefl/ Tesol or Celta certificate (not needed for B.Ed degree)
  • Must be able to provide proof that you were Educated in English as medium from Grade 7
  • No teaching experience required
  • 21 to 60 years of age
  • Valid passport with no criminal record
  • Passport holders from UK, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and South Africa are considered


  • Monthly salaries range between 2 million and 2.7 million South Korean Won
  • Free single studio furnished apartment
  • Bonus on completion of contract (severance payment)
  • Airfare entrance and exit allowance
  • Paid school holidays
  • Teaching 22 classes of 40 to 50 minutes each per week
  • 12-month renewable contract
  • Students are disciplined with a good theoretical knowledge of English


  • Guidance on the Teaching Visa process
  • Airport pick-up and accommodation for the 1st night
  • Assistance with Sim card and opening of a bank account in South Korea
  • Free Teaching book and travel guide
  • Receive a book on Learning Korean

Schools and locations

Teaching jobs for different age groups are available at Government public schools.

There are various teaching programmes across South Korea, which include popular metropolitan destinations such as Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon and Ulsan. You might also want to consider several other appealing opportunities in other provinces with vacancies all year round.